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Does your business face specific challenges you would like to discuss with us one-to-one? 

Construction is a diverse industry, and no company is exactly the same. While we provide many courses to cover the fundamentals of running a successful business, there can still be unique issues that you want to tackle head on. This is where are one-to-one coaching comes in. Enjoy individualized coaching, completely customized to the specific challenges you're facing today.

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Looking for a comprehensive construction course to get your business off the ground? Our customized "Business of Construction" course is just for you. 

The course begins with an introduction to our team at Business Blueprint, including providing a helpful summary of why we have the credentials to give a optimized course in building your business. From there, we turn to you: what are your goals as a business? As a business owner? This helps provide the roadmap to where your company will go in the future. In the next section you'll find a crash course on business accounting including counting your money, keeping your books, and business finances (you will also find more detailed materials in two other courses we offer: Construction Bookkeeping and Getting Paid for Your Estimates.)

The course then deep dives into your business - your product, your construction services. Here we go through important skills and factors to consider in both office and field work. Now that we've got what you've got to offer covered, our Business of Construction course will provide insights on advertising including marketing and sales. Finally, we conclude with how you see your role as an owner, including how to structure your day.

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This course provides you with a comprehensive overview of each aspect related to construction accounting - including at-home assignments to make you an accounting whiz and two individual coaching calls. 

Following our course welcome, you'll dive quickly into the topics - beginning with mark-up vs. profit, and then profit and loss statement. Both sections include a summary introduction, course content and individual homework. Next we'll go in to the heart of the details: your balance sheet. In this section you'll learn how to organize your balance sheet and chart of accounts to stay current on all in- and out flows of your business. We'll then turn to further important aspects of construction bookkeeping: job cost vs. overhead, liabilities and receivables, reports and finally overall project accounting, including weekly job cost accounting.

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This course provides every building and remodeler a road map on how to maximize profits and get paid for your expertise - even in the earliest stages of the project.

As a business owner, time is money - and you shouldn't be providing extensive expertise without getting paid. The system we provide here spells out step-by-step exactly how you can also get paid for the design development phase of each project you do. In the first section of the course you'll learn about prequalifying the customer, and see examples of a lead sheet. In the next section you'll learn more about the sales process, including the sales plan, and how to organize the first and second meeting with your potential clients. In the final section of this course you'll be introduced to skills in commitment and execution, including ensuring you get that commitment from the potential client. As well, we'll discuss the importance of the design and budget process, the transition to construction, and provide an example of a sample agreement.

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Are you a residential remodeler wanting to stay up to date up with current business issues and industry-specific challenges?

As part of our "Coffee and Construction" offering, we organize a bi-weekly zoom call to discuss a diverse list of topics that are specific to the Residential Remodeling Industry. Following the main topics, we will have a peer group discussion to discuss issues and potential solutions.

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As a business owner, we know you're busy. Therefore we also offer a easy solution to stay up to date on current business issues, while also receiving weekly tips - our newsletter. Simply sign up using the button below.

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