Your Employee Quit to Become a Contractor – Now What?

Your employee quit – now what?! After years of teaching, training and now your biggest fear, he has decided he can build just as well or better than you and is going out on his own. Has was pushing a broom when you gave him a chance and grew to become an asset and team…

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Hiring a Contractor – Construction Experience Matters

Construction experience matters when hiring a contractor. I have been on every side of this business but as with most businesses when I jumped in I thought I knew it all, 30 years later it has become more evident that experience DOES matter. This is not to say the new guys can’t do a good…

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Guide to Project Management for Contractors

project management

Industry background is necessary as each industry has its own intricacies and language but at the core of project management is information management. Duane C Barney Project Management: Whether you are in Event Planning or Construction, IT, etc. …The Process is the Same. Review and understand the contract requirements In contract management, you need to…

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