Construction Consultant for Owner Builders

The construction consultant for owner-builders (also known as an Owners representative) is a vital and often overlooked member of the construction project. The role is necessary and is required for every project but too often is administered by the client.

For the Owner-Builder (an owner who is building a major construction project or even a custom home)…. the decision process alone is overwhelming, design decisions, material selections, colors, and textures.  Anyone who has attempted even a small project knows the process for the owner is that of an endless list of questions, and answers. Add to this, construction administration and oversite for which they have no experience, and the project becomes overwhelming. Schedules to review, Changes to process, billing to analyze, and pay. That is the day-to-day, let alone material and weather delays and a thousand unforeseen opportunities to impact and interrupt the project. The Construction Consultant for owner-builders is the Trusted Advisor with the expertise and experience to step in and manage the unfamiliar aspects of the construction process.

For the Architect who is primarily tasked with the design, a holistic project view provided by the Construction Consultant for owner-builders with pricing, scheduling, and a construction background is a welcome respite. Design and associated administration are complex enough, a sounding board into the construction side of the business is often needed but unavailable. The design is completed in somewhat of a vacuum without the third player of the team until long after the process is underway. Architects are unnecessarily tasked to understand the process far beyond design. A Trusted Advisor and consulting resource to the architect for all things construction is a valuable resource during the design phase and throughout the project overall. 

The goal for everyone remains the same, fantastic design at a fair cost and completed in a timely manner for the enjoyment of the client.

Contractors many times see the Construction Consultant as the enemy who will doggedly oversee and interferes with the project and their profit. If performed properly the role should be welcomed. The owner’s representative is there to be the information bridge and process facilitator to assist in project administration and ultimately completion. They remain a Trusted Advisor as well, with construction experience and the owner’s ear. The Construction Consultant can be relied upon to direct the owner’s attention to areas that require immediate attention and explain the process and set expectations for the owner. They can also be relied upon for change orders and billing reviews to assist in expediting answers and payment.

The construction consultant for owner-builders is the trusted advisor for all things construction for everyone on the team, an essential role not adequately filled by the owner and essential to overall project administration.  If you would like to hire a construction consultant to work with you on your project, let’s schedule a phone call to collaborate!  203-826-8096