Construction Industry Business Coach – Understanding Logistics

Do you need to collaborate with or hire a construction industry business coach?  Well…..logistics (detailed coordination of people and materials) sums up a large chunk of your responsibilities as a contractor.  So if you don’t handle logistics well then hiring a construction industry business coach is highly recommended.

A metaphor may be…..timing the finish of the burgers with the cooking of the corn is only successful if you are not willing to serve raw burgers.  It comes down to planning and execution – also known as logistics!  Now that you are thinking about it more, you may come to realize that logistics is what can make or break you financially.  

Why should a homeowner hire you as a builder, trade service provider, or remodeler?  Ultimately it comes down to the service you provide.  But service is planning and execution and there are plenty of similar businesses to choose from – so why choose you?  Everyone ultimately wants to get the job done with as little pain as possible.  The price will play its part but planning and execution are more important than saving a few dollars.

So if logistics are that important, how much time do you, as the business owner, spend reviewing the logistics of how your business is run?  You should think through every step of every role and have a process for that task.  From how the phone is answered to the post-project thank you card. 

When you hire a construction industry business coach you will have a partner to review each aspect of your company to ensure the logistics are strategically thought-out and implemented throughout your company.  Together you will essentially create a business plan without numbers.  You will understand exactly how your business will be run and what makes it unique.

Have you ever wondered why a new employee did something completely wrong and you were compelled to throw your hands up and said “Nevermind, I’ll just do it myself!”  That may not be the best approach.   When you work with a construction industry business coach, you will be mentored on how you should react in a situation like that.

You might receive coaching that instructs you to make sure the employee’s directions are clear.  There is a chance your construction industry business coach will remind you that you haven’t yet provided the employee with the proper training.  Even still,  you may learn from your construction industry coach that interdepartmental responsibilities were not well explained or that you need to update the logistics between departments.

Your employee’s success is your key to success and providing your employee with the tools to make you BOTH successful is your responsibility.  If you don’t know how to provide them with those tools, working with a construction industry business coach will quickly get you and your employees on the right path toward success. 

Logistics is how you want your business to run, it is what sets you apart – good or bad.  If you don’t set the standard of expectations then you will have no standards at all.  If you have standards of expectations but they aren’t written down – then who will know what your expectations are? 

Contact me today at 203-826-8096 for a free consultation to evaluate your need for a construction industry business coach.  Let’s work together to make sure the logistics of your company are set up for your company’s success.